Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Batting Clean Up and Striking Out"


Subject: The subject of Dave Barry's Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out is the differences between men and women. These differences are illustrated by the examples he uses, for example, he explains how women have a need to keep things clean and men can't see dirt. He also uses differences in interest; men like sports and women don't care about sports.

Occasion: Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out was written in 1988. The essay's time of creation is conveyed when he mentions the World Series. The probable place of the essay's creation is the United States. He gives a lot of characteristics of stereotypical Americans.

The time and place of the essay's creation influence the essay by allowing the author to exaggerate stereotypes.

Audience: Dave Barry's specific audience for Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out is men with a good sense of humor. The author's target audience is exhibited by his emphasis on male interests (such as sports) and makes women's need to clean seem almost absurd.

Purpose: Dave Barry's purpose in Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out is to entertain. He adds in some funny anecdotes and exaggerates things. For example, women's ability to see dirt "at the level of molecules". Women obviously cannot see dirt that small, but we understand his point and it is funny.

Speaker: Dave Barry, an entertainer, thinks it's important to identify differences in people using humor so not to offend anyone. This is illustrated by his use of mockery and exaggeration. He gets his point across without actually hurting anyone.

Tone: Dave Barry shows a humorous and light attitude about the differences of men and women. These attitudes are expressed by his exaggerations, jokes, and anecdotes. The silly jokes and his humorous tone help his purpose because without them, it would be very difficult to make it entertaining for his audience.

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